I present to you the details of Odakotah-Fu – a multi-discipline martial art developed by the (now) legendary Shoanti teacher, Odakotah, for his “long-time student,” Miles Teg. This information has been compiled from first-person observations, conversations with MIles Teg, as well as several magical methods of questioning Odakotah himself.

Odakotah-Fu is built around a base of two traditional and one non-traditional fighting styles. (Actually, there are five styles in total, but only three have been revealed so far.)

Dragon Style

Dragon Style is an aggressive style and relies on techniques applied to forward, backward, and sideways movements. Beginning students focus on footwork, basic fists strikes, and the disorienting floating and sinking movements Dragon Style is known for. Students are not taught the iconic Dragon Fist (the fingers are spread into a rigid claw) until their ki is strong enough to maintain the rigidity of the fingers. Training with the Dragon Fist before the student’s ki has developed results in broken and/or dislocated fingers.

The one word that describes Dragon Style is “power.” The hand strikes are a combination of sweeping, claw-like strikes interspersed with devastating, linear nerves strikes and palm strikes. The strikes are designed to mimic the slashing claws and snapping teeth of a fierce dragon. Most, if not all, of the kicks in Dragon Style are spinning or turning kicks (many involving impressive leaps) meant to mimic a Dragon’s tail slap.

Defensive Spin Dragon Climbs the Wall is a technique where the monk assaults his foe with a rapid series of vertical claw strikes. Theses strikes not only harm his foe, but they force the foe’s blocking limbs down and make counterattacking more difficult ((hence the +4 bonus to AC against that target)).

Elemental Fury Harness the Bronze is a _ki_technique that only the most dedicated students master. The monk learns to physically manifest his ki as an aura of lightning around his Dragon Fists. Other techniques delivered while Harness the Bronze is in effect bear different names. For example, Dragon Breathes Fire becomes Lightning Strike.

Leg Sweep Clear the Field is a technique designed to mimic a Dragon’s sweeping tail. The monk performs a drop spinning leg sweep that targets both the foe’s legs. Even if the opponent manages to stay on their feet, the impact from the kick can often break bones or dislocate joints.

Stunning Fist Dragon Style has three stunning techniques, each one intended for close-, mid-, and long-range attacks. Dragon Grasps the Moon is a palm strike delivered under the chin from a crouching stance. Dragon Breathes Fire is a lunging strike that delivers a double Dragon Fist to the chest; the finger tips triggering a half-dozen nerve points resulting in pain and disorientation. Ride the Wind is a jumping spin kick to the head that usually leaves its target stunned if not defeated outright.

Jabbing Style

Jabbing Style is an unusual martial arts style in that there are no kicking techniques in the style. All attacks and defenses involve only hands, evasions, and quick footwork. That’s not to say Jabbing Style is limited. Few styles can compete with Jabbing Style when it comes to speed and technique combinations.

Jabbing Style sacrifices raw power for speed and multiple strikes. ((Each single mechanical Jabbing Style “attack” is composed of a series of strikes for flavor.)) There are some power-based attacks in the style (the Hay-maker and Falcon Takes Flight are two examples), but its focus is speed. Jabbing Style doesn’t mimic any creature like many other styles, instead it has been created by humanoids for humanoids and is most effective against other humanoids.

Defensive Spin Fists From Shadow technique, like many Jabbing Style strikes, consists of a flurry of attacks, but the defensive aspect comes almost entirely from footwork. While attacking, the monk makes quick steps, each slighly off center, so that the monk is never exactly where the foe would expect him to be.

Elemental Fury Static Fist is a _ki_technique that only the most dedicated students master. The monk’s rapid strikes and foot movements generate a powerful static charge that the monk focuses into his fists. This electrical charge isn’t visible at first, but whenever a strike successfully lands, it is accompanied by a loud snap and a visible spark.

Leg Sweep Since Jabbing Style has no kicks, the technique called Tanglefoot is particularly difficult. Instead of using a leg to strip a foe, the monk uses a series of lightning fast punches to get very close to his target and knock him off balance. The last strike in the series involves a jump and a devastating downward punch that drops the opponent to the ground. ((Mechanically, Leg Sweep requires a kick, so a Monk using this strike must still have a kick available [i.e. his legs can’t be bound], for for flavor all the strikes are punches.))

Stunning Fist Combo Three Flavors is a surprisingly simple, yet effective technique. The monk leads with one, tow, or three quick jabs (depending on how skilled his opponent is), follows with an opposite hand cross, and finishes with a lead hand uppercut. If all three “flavors” of strike land, the foes will be stunned for a few seconds.

Street Style

Street Style is no terribly distinctive because it uses techniques from a number of different styles. What unifies these techniques into an actual style is all the techniques have been modified to use an urban enviroment against your opponent. Many techniques in Street Style are considered “dirty fighting.” Elbows and knees are often used to deliver unexpected attacks and techniques like eye gouging, biting, and blows to the groin are definitely on the table.

Street Style uses all manner of hand strikes combined with subtle pulls and pushes as well as many close-quarters kicks. No Street Style kicking technique delivers a blow above the waist and most are meant to target insteps, ankles, knees, and other vulnerable areas. Most techniques are not single strikes, but combinations that end by using a piece of the enviroment to harm or hinder (or both) the foe. For example, a monk may use a series of strikes to drive an opponent backwards a step or two with the final strike of the combination being the monk slamming a door into the foe – the same door the target was just driven past.

Defensive Spin Spinning and turning back fists and elbows are all components of “Four Position Rolling Hands.” Often the monk will change spin direction two or more times before delivering the final blow of the combination. This all makes it very difficult for the opponent to counterattack the monk.

Elemental Fury Lightning Fist is a _ki_technique that only the most dedicated students master. The monk manifests his spirit’s ki as physical lightning that dances across his arms and fists. Each strike landed jolts his foe, leaving tiny, jagged-looking burns behind.

Leg Sweep The leg sweep combination in Street Style starts with two close range kicks – both targeting the insides of the opponent’s legs. These low impact kicks do little physical damage, but they lengthen the foe’s stance and weaken his balance. When the kicking leg is planted again, it is behind the (opposite) leg of the opponent and all that is needed to sweep the leg is a quick flex behind the knee and a pull or push off the center line.

Stunning Fist The two main stunning techniques are Chain Punches and Shatter the Stones. Shatter the Stones is a knee, snap kick, or even a crouching punch to the groin and is not effective against all foes. Chain Punches involves a rapid series of short punches to the head all delivered from the center-line of the monk, where they carry surprising power for such short-range blows. It’s the rapidity of the blows that disorients the foe, occasionally even knocking them unconscious.

Master of Many Styles

Many martial artists study multiple fighting styles. When they use them to fight, they switch from one style to another depending on the needs of the combat. A Master of Many Styles (like Miles), however, blends the styles he knows into an entirely unique style that incorporates the strengths of each individual fighting style. A Master of Many Styles will claim this is what makes their fighting style superior to any other – the ability to blend various styles into something an opponent has never seen before.

Jabbing Street Dragon Style (Odakotah-Fu)

This style (JSD) combines the best aspects of Dragon, Jabbing, and Street styles. JSD keeps the trademark “Dragon Fist” as well as some of the traditional powerful, sweeping blows. Unlike Dragon Style, JSD also uses flurries of short, fast strikes to disorient foes and set up for more powerful strikes. JSD, like Street Style, also uses the enviroment to unbalance and injure opponents. Although the kicking techniques in JSD are mostly short, quick, and targeted below the waist, JSD maintains a few spinning and turning techniques to deliver finishing or stunning blows.

Defensive Spin Dragon Takes Wing is the name given to a spinning technique used to both attack and defend. What makes the technique more effective that the same techniques used in the base styles is the variation JSD uses. The wind up usually entails two or more spins and a hop can be added to change elevation. The strike can either be a wide, sweeping strike and a series of short, tight linear strikes. In short, even though the JSD master is constantly spinning or turning, the variations make it nearly impossible to gauge where the JSD master will end up.

Elemental Fury Dragon’s Breath is a _ki_technique where the monk manifests his spirit’s ki as physical lightning that dances across his feet and claw-like hands. Each strike landed jolts his foe and gives off dramatic blue sparks.

Leg Sweep Rather than a distinct technique of its own, JSD uses any of the leg sweeping techniques from its base styles. Again, the variety of the strikes, make them difficult to predict. One moment, the leg sweep may be a powerful long sweep with the leg (from Dragon Style), the next moment the JSD master uses Jabbing Style’s Tanglefoot or Street Style’s multiple leg kicks.

Stunning Fist The three base styles of Jabbing Street Dragon have seven stunning techniques to choose from. Each is equally effective and the fact that the JSD master has so many techniques to choose from, makes predicting the exact blow difficult in the extreme. When the JSD master uses Dragon’s Breath in combination with any of the stunning techniques, the strike is called Tazer Fist/Foot.


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